Where Shibuya gets relaxed and rustic: And People Cafe

By Misha Janette

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Is this a Japan? Or have you slipped through a wormhole into another land? Is it a bedroom? An outdoor cabin? Or is it really a cafe? This is “And People” in Shibuya, where locals go to kick back and relax while the hubbub outside runs amok.

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On the terrace is where you’ll want to be, surrounded by flora in pots and rust-painted lanterns, and with a roof covered in dried leaves like a makeshift roof. The sunlight here is glorious on a sunny day, and with the low light inside the cafe, makes for a great relaxing atmosphere.

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Each table has it’s own style of chair or sofa, and separated by white curtains. So even though it’s a cozy room, there is still a semblance of privacy (which is almost impossible to come by in Shibuya restaurants). The cafe covers two floors, and the downstairs room even has a loft bed, converted into a table for a larger group.

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This place serves typical cafe fare, but with extra touches like a matcha latte that comes with fresh herbs and almond toppings. The food is also great, with butter gnocchi, gyoza dumplings and baked Camembert cheese on the menu.

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The decor is also something to write home about, featuring a very rustic, antique style which is extremely popular with local Tokyoites. The trend is called “ikoku” which means “somewhere else”- it’s a mish mash of styles by they all point to nostalgie.

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Note that smoking is allowed inside, and on busy days is when they open up the downstairs level and the 1st floor terrace.

To get there, you need to first head to the back area of Shibuya, past Tokyu Hands. If you’re familiar with the gaggle of record and music shops back there, then head down the small alley on the steep hill to find it (you might try and look for the “Flamingo” cafe next door, which is lit up in super bright marquee lightbulbs. It’s hard to miss!).

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OPEN: 12:00-Midnight (last order 23:00)
10-2 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku
TEL: (0)3-6416-3926
And People Online




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